About Me

Re-Birth Project 2018

There comes a time in our life for great reinvention of self. The eternal push forward through the light and the dark alike to create and be in your purpose.

My (Renee) purpose has been unclear for some time. As a polymath with the intention to create change for not only myself, but the world, its time to get back to “untamed origins” (TM), create a ‘pride’, and find that re-birth.

In 2013, when I lost my daughter, I broke. I have spent the last four years truly in a functional sadness, dare I say depression, that has consumed me and not allowed me to BE. Through multiple sexual assaults, immeasurable grief, and a rocky road childhood, this great loss of Lucielle was the thing that sent me into the dark space… I’m still climbing out of.

Renee; “Re-birth” … after spending so many years being “Nene”, I am ready to strip it all away, the past and step into the light, and the dark…As Renee.

“From Scratch”; “from the very beginning, especially without utilizing or relying on any previous work for assistance.”

I’m leaving it behind the old me. I’m past patiently waiting for it to show up for me, and someone to rescue me, through their ingenious and creative living while… MY genius and creativity lies dormant.

Re-Birth Project is a time of awakening, vulnerabilities, growing, self care and love, and worthiness. I am going to step outside of my functional depression and anxiety and get back to my truest self. I invite you to watch the resolution; revolution…created “From Scratch”.